Modern life is growing day by day, meaning that people are also caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Peace is seen as a priceless gift, a silence for each person to look back on the journey they have traveled, to slow down to remember a bit, breathe a little, enjoy a little.      And Hoi An is considered as an attractive destination because of its tranquility, lightness, poeticness combined with a bit of nostalgia, making the heart of the person also gentle and peaceful.

The best way to see that peaceful beauty is getting up early in the morning, walking along the streets and alleys of Hoi An, breathing deeply the cool atmosphere which likens to the quintessence of nature, immersing in the extremely simple scenery.



The houses which have ancient architecture with bright red tiled roofs, mossy walls lying dormant are still immersed in deep sleep. The roads are deserted, sometimes a few birds appear to break that tranquility, at the corners, the cyclos’ are neatly arranged after a night of busy living with their owner. The lanterns are also back to the peace of the early morning after shedding the splendid and brilliant light of last night.




Along the romantic banks of the Hoai River, the boats are parked close to each other at a small wharf, only occasionally a few cleaners row the small boat to get the flower lanterns released by tourists last night out of the river to return the freshness to it, or a man throws the fishing rod everywhere with the hope that today he can harvest quite a bit. On the bridge, there are a few tourists jogging, a few people rushing to transport the goods for opening their business early. Everything is so simple and so cute.



A little brighter, Hoi An turns around, goes back to daily life, the shops are on sale, the sounds of life are bustling again as if to signal another busy day to come again.



That's what Hoi An is. Being Idyllic and rustic which makes people feel so excited. Anyone who has ever come to this small land wants to throw all the burden of life away and immerse themselves in the peace here, to help people calm down to prepare for another long journey.

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