HoiAn lantern - A souvenir not to be missed

Each attractive destination has its own unique gifts to remind travelers to remember about it. If Hanoi is given a gift with the sweet and gentle taste of conical rice - Banh Com, Hue dreaming is famous for its conical hats, Hoi An also promptly creates for itself a special "Lantern".

No one knows exactly when Hoi An lanterns appeared, it only knows that they have existed for a long time. Therefore, when talking about Hoi An, people will immediately remember this is the city of lanterns, referring to traditional lanterns which express Vietnam's impressions with its many peaceful and nostalgic scenes.

HoiAn lanterns with its diversified models, designs and colors will give visitors many different choices and memories:

Traditional lanterns of Hoi An:

Tradition does not mean old or faded. Tradition has always attracted the eyes of visitors by the rustic, filled with poetry. The round lanterns, garlic bulbs wrapped in silk or non-woven fabric, seemingly simple but just waiting for the night to fall, they seem to be turned, become more gorgeous and sparkling that everyone immerses and loves.



The lanterns with special designs:

Special lights look like "special" as it’s name. They are set primarily based on their intended purpose of using. On some special occasions such as New Year holidays or festivals, you will be surprised with huge lanterns on the streets. Or in the oldest houses, there are lanterns made from precious wood with elaborate carvings and on each glass plate is a true painting. The famous fairy tales were painted by the ancient artisans on the glass, vivid and perfect as a valued painting. Every time it shines, the scene of white clouds, blue sky or clear water will constantly spin, reflecting the details on the glass.

The lanterns with the patterns containing Vietnamese culture:

In order to recreate the daily life or the long-standing cultural values ​​of Vietnam, Hoi An workers skillfully use their talented hands and creativity to paint so many vivid pictures. on the lanterns of Hoi An. For instance, the spring with apricot branches, peach branches blossomed to attract all species, or the scene of a peaceful countryside in Vietnam on an evil afternoon with the image of a buffalo herder blowing his flute sitting on a buffalo's back; a charming Vietnamese girl in a white long dress with long silky black hair, ....



With these unique points, HoiAn lantern has proved to tourists that it deserves a meaningful and appreciable gift spending for your beloved or yourselves.


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